Monday, September 2, 2013

Giants at Cowboys - 7:30pm CST

If you're unable to attend the game - you're still welcome to watch it at Buffalo Joe's. Since most of us will be at the game - the crowd might be a little lighter than normal.

For those of you that are able to attend the game - there are some details to pass along if you're interested in joining us for the tailgating festivities:

We will be tailgating in Silver Lot 13. (It's Southeast of the Stadium at the corner of Legends Way and Sanford Street). Since we won't know an exact location yet - we should be on the east side of the lot along the grass parking spots...basically the perimeter of the lot. (I've included a parking map below for illustration).

NOTE - Not everyone has to have a Silver Lot 13 Parking Pass. Most people find parking elsewhere (another parking pass, cash lot, etc) and join us at Lot 13. Feel free to join us at any time prior to the game.

Since we never know how many people to expect - we've decided to make it easy and do a "BYOB" and a "BYOF"...bring your own beer and bring your own food. Basically - if you want to eat something specific- bring it. If you want to drink something - bring it. We'll have a grill there for anyone that wants to use it and probably a fair amount of cooler space too. If you're traveling from out of town, we should have plenty of food to share. Keep in mind, cash donations are welcome and appreciated. All extra cash goes to group supplies and costs only.

Our plan is to be there around 2:00pm (or as soon as they let us in the gate).

So come out and get an early start with the BigBlueDFW crew. It's pretty much a guaranteed good time! 

Win or lose - we'll be there after the game - so join us for some post game fun!

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