Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Can You Do?

There's really not much to explain.  When the Giants turn the ball over 6 times - you just can't expect to win.  Heck - from the first play of the game - you just knew it was going to be "one of those games."

Just like Jumal said, "We can fix the turnovers but what are the Cowboys going to do?"  You know what - he's absolutely right.  That game should never have been that close.  And yet - the Giants were still in the game until the very end.  Some of it bad execution...some of it just bad luck.

As for the tailgate - I'd like to thank everyone that had a hand in helping organize our annual event.  A special shout out to License Plate Guy @LicensePlateGuy for stopping by again.  Joe is now a regular at the tailgate and he always takes the time for pictures and the occasional road trip story.  Man - 12 years without missing home or road games is pretty damn impressive.  Also - we would like to thank the Hynoski's (Henry, Sr. & Kathy) for joining our tailgate again.  Like Joe - you really couldn't find a nicer group of people. We take pride in making sure everyone has a good time.  Whether it's food, drinks, or the occasional shot - we'd like to think you'll tell a friend and come back next year.

All in all - the tailgate was another success.  Thanks to everyone on that came out.  Every year we seem to attract more and more people and it's always a great time.  And let there be no mistake...this is the Official Giants Tailgate in Dallas.

Hits & Misses:

I will say this: thankfully the roof was closed at AT&T Stadium that night because it was just flat out hot.  Not the kind of hot when you park and walk directly into the stadium.  You see - the BigBlueDFW crew started tailgating at 2:00.  (Actually a little before that - but that's when they let us in the parking lot).

Speaking of stadium.  Don't let the name on the building let you think the reception is any better.  It may be called AT&T stadium but the signal still sucks.

I personally thought the loudest part of the game was when they showed Hulk Hogan on the TV screen.  They booed initially when he was wearing a Giants shirt - but in typical 1984 fashion - he ripped off the Giants shirt to reveal a Cowboys shirt.  Way to go "Brother."

And what did LeBron James really think would happen when the camera's caught him in the stadium.  Just because you wore the home team's hat - doesn't give you a pass.  You were rightfully booed. 

Kudos to the Cowboys fans that actually cheer when your team has the ball.  Or better yet - start the wave when your offense is on the field.  That makes me laugh.  Then again - these are the same fans that want to throw the "5 Superbowls" in your face but can't name them when asked.  (And just for the record - the Giants have 8 championships.  Sorry to burst your bubble - but the NFL didn't start in 1960).

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