Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just Terrible

I'm not sure what the Denver game looked like on television - but I can surely tell you it looked terrible in person.  This may be the only time where watching the replays on TV helped my personal sanity.

I really can't think of anything that looked good on Sunday. Offense?  No.  Defense?  No. Special Teams?  No.  (Heck - you might make the argument that Frank Gifford at 83 and Sam Huff at 78 looked better than anything the present Giants threw out there.)

The sad thing is - it was 10-9 at halftime.  I'm not sure if Denver made great halftime adjustments or if the combined Eli interceptions and the non-existent running game caught up with them...again.  But if you listen to the media - Peyton Manning walked on the waters of the Meadowlands.  (But since he's won "a" Super Bowl and threw for 307 yards and 2 touchdowns - you get all the credit in the world.). On the other hand - when you've won 2 Super Bowls and throw 4 picks - you're a bum...but that's the media for you.

The funny thing is - if you would have told me Sunday morning that Peyton Manning would have thrown for 307 yards and only 2 touchdowns - I would have taken that all day.  Little brother's mistakes or bad luck (seeing that an interception went off the back of a defender's foot) just proves to be too much to overcome.

The Giants need to get it together. I think @TheElPadre said it best on twitter Monday, "After every loss - I get tired of players saying 'We need to fix this or we need to fix that' after every loss."  Do your job. Stop turning the ball over and LET'S GO!

Some observations from the game:

The National Anthem done by 3 military trumpet players was awesome.

I know I've said this before - but the trash talking by fans in the northeast really lacks creativity.  Grabbing your crotch and telling every Broncos fan to "suck it" is not the only way to say the Broncos suck.

Asking the lone guy who would continually yell, "Let's Go Broncos" about the Ravens game last year might have been the most satisfying thing I said all day.  Then bringing up the fact that Tebow has won as many playoff games for the Broncos than Peyton was just the icing on the cake.  You sir - should take the sales tag off your new Broncos jersey before running your mouth.  (He didn't literally have the sales tag on - but there were a lot of shiny Denver garb wandering around).

The halftime ceremony to celebrate Bill Parcells getting his Hall of Fame ring was pretty cool.  As usual the crowd went crazy when they showed LT...but that's no surprise.

Brandon Jacobs' worldwide dance was quite violent but I liked this one much better for obvious reasons.

All in all - it was still pretty cool to watch a living legend take the field before he retires.

Programming note:  set your DVRs to record ESPN on Tuesday 9/24/13 at 7:00pm CST to record "Book of Mannings."  It's one of those ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries on the Manning family.

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